Young Angels Center – Program

Our Chula Vista Before & After School program offers a christian atmosphere for children ages 5y – 12y.

  • Our Program is open all year (Closed for holidays).
  • Hot meals and Snacks including Fruits and Veggies
  1. Cook Elementary
  2. CVLCC
  3. Feaster Charter
  4. Hawking Charter
  5. Hilltop Elementary
  6. Vista Square Elementary

Our Before & After School program is designed for those who get the day started early, or those who need the later pick-up time. It’s included with every full-time/part-time enrollment.

Convenient operating hours are designed to meet the needs of a working family. We also provide full day program when the children are out of school for vacation time/school breaks.

Current tuition rates are based upon the type and schedule of service the family requires.  Amount and payment schedule will be discussed during the interview process and adhered to as agreed upon signing of contract. We accept all alternative programs such as: YMCA, CDA, PCG, NACCRA, and other related programs. Tuition payment is due the Friday prior to the week of service. We accepts payments in the form of cash, check, cashier’s check, or money order.

Checks or money orders should be made payable to Young Angels Center.

At the end of each year, private-pay families will be provided with a W-10 form for tax purposes.

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Young Angels Center – Admissions

Thank you for considering enrolling your child(ren) with us.

  1. Download application for registration here:
  2. Contact us and schedule initial meeting: (619) 622-6469
  3. Meet with our Program Administrator/Staff and tour the facility
  4. Find out about openings. (If there is a waiting list, get on the waiting list)
  5. Submit Completed Application form.
  6. Discuss Tuition Options
  1. Attend an orientation with the program administrator/Staff
    a) Allow 30 to 40 minutes for the orientation
  2. Fill out enrollment package (provided at orientation)
  3. Birth Certificate (to verify parental relationship)
  4. Submit the $100 registration fee
  5. If applicable, when in a custody situation, please provide the custody document for our records.
  6. If you are legally married, both parents must be present at the time of enrollment

The following information is an attempt to clarify waiting list policies. Please read it carefully.

  1. At least one member from your family must make an appointment with the Director for an on-site visit prior to being placed on our waiting list
  2. Once your name has been placed on a waiting list, you will remain active for a period of six months. You are responsible for calling the Childcare office once a month to stay active on the list or when you are no longer interested in remaining on the list.

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